Welcome to Agile Educational Technology! I help schools develop practical, effective and sustainable educational technology solutions. If you want to take edtech to the next level, work with me!

No matter your school's edtech starting point, Agile Educational Technology will deliver thoughtful, well-planned technology integration. I will partner with you to provide what your school needs. This can include:

  •  a detailed evaluation of your organization's current state. What do students, parents, and educators need to be successful?
  • developing clear, actionable and attainable educational technology and training goals
  • developing a detailed, student-centered technology implementation plan
  • providing high-quality edtech professional development to bring practical, proven technology integration to the classroom
I am comfortable with all platforms, all types of schools and all types of students, I have the background, knowledge and experience to help your school turn the corner with meaningful technology that will deepen student learning, and more.

No matter what your needs - consulting help, detailed planning, or professional development, talk to me. You won't be disappointed!

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