Do you need ideas about how to proceed with your organization's technology? I will help you develop an edtech gameplan for your school.

What should come first? What is paramount to success and must be considered? What are the current tools and techniques that should be included when evaluating school technology? How will the tools and techniques impact classroom learning? Need to sift through wildly varying (and costly) potential priorities? 

Do you need to develop an educational technology plan? Need to evaluate your current environment? Need to develop a training or implementation plan? Agile Educational Technology is your one-stop shop!

I will partner with you to develop a plan that will augment student learning with practical, effective educational technology. We'll work together to understand your primary goals, key stakeholders, and potential obstacles. The result will include a communication plan, detailed milestones, responsibilities, an implementation plan and specific training plans. 

Know that Agile Educational Technology will be with you to roll out the plan, too!

I can help sift through the possibilities and provide focus to your edtech plans!